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Liz has the eye for the aesthetic and is our chief designer. Art has always been her passion with watercolours a favoured medium (as can be seen in our limited edition prints). The natural environment on and around the farm provide so much inspiration that cards have become a natural outlet for her creative urge.


Monty (now 8) formally started in the graphic design industry at the age of six. His limitless imagination produces countless artworks with some of the best designs captured in his popular line “Monty’s Montsters”.


Elsie shares the families creative urges, though she is her own worst critic. At the age of six she has produced a limited number of cards, but plans on outdoing her older brother (as she does in every endeavour).



As descendants of the original settlers of the area, we live on the original family beef cattle farm near the town of Walpole. We even live in the house proudly built by our Grandfather Jack. The house is built from handmade cement bricks, but the irony is that the bricks were handmade by Jack’s wife Dorothy and daughter Doris and laid by a professional bricklayer. How much hand Jack had in the building may never be known, but the house will always be known as the house that Jack built.


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